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Aloha Island Coffee K Cups

Introducing aloha island coffee! Their unique and delicious k-cups style coffee will make you feel like you're in a hawaiian island village. You'll love the easy-to-use k cups that heat up quickly and provide ample warmth. And if that's not incentive to get your hands on some of their delicious coffee, see no need to worry - all of their cups are made with 100% koa wood fibre. What an amazing way to show your support for the environment!

Editorial Pick  - 12 K-cups of Kona Hawaiian Coffee Blend, Custom Medium

- 12 K-cups of Kona Hawaiian Coffee

By Aloha Island Coffee

USD $18.00

Aloha Island Coffee Company Kona Hawaiian Blend Keurig K-Cup
Aloha Island Coffee Company Kona Hawaiian Blend Keurig K-Cup
Free Pod Adapter for Eco-friendly Keurig K-cup Brewing Syste

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Looking for a delicious and sturdy coffee cup? look no further than the aloha island coffee company! Their keurig k-cups give you an intense k-cup flavor and feel like a million bucks! If you're looking for something different, try their hawaiian blend here too! It's delicious and firm to give you a great cup of coffee. Plus, their service is amazing with quickly getting your cup filled.
our new chocolate flavored k-cup coffee blend is soft and flavorful like never before! The pod coffee brewers can reuse your k-cups and make delicious chocolate-flavored coffee with ease. Plus, aloha island coffee will thank you for it!
introducing the aloha island coffee kona-pod estate blend of hawaiian coffee with medium roast, perfect for the modern coffee lover or the classic one who loves the anson mills blend. Kona-pod's roastering and roasting processes are specific to the kona island of hawaii, making this a high-quality coffee that will be a hit with anyone looking for a good old-fashioned cup of coffee. With over 18 cups, this is one coffee pod you'll be letting everyone know you are a part of the aloha islanders!